Selkirk Conservation Alliance


SCA is one of the oldest and ONLY enviornmental non-profit organizations that exists in northern Idaho. We are quite unique in that SCA has, for the last 35 years, been the nexus of conversation and education for our community. We have been working hard for the last 35 years to bring our community memebers voiced to the table on regional land use issues that would negatively impact their local enironments and natural resources, air, land, wildlife, forests and water.

SCA actibely engages and educates the community through our three "Pillar" programs which include the: SCA Education Program, SCA Scientific Research Program and SCA Advocacy Program. Each of these "Pilar" programs hace projects associated eith furthering SCA's mission and vision to conserve, protect and restore the lower Selkirk Mountain ecostystems and Priest Lake Watershed for generations to come. 

SCA works to cultivate an environmentally conscious public that is empowered to be active stewards of our local and regional natural resources, protecting the bounty and beauty of this special place.

Our unique (for our region) approach of non-partisan community engagement and free education has led to increased public oversight and greater awaremess of regulatory and managment agencies plans, projects, policies, and BETTER land management and stewardship of publicly owned natural resources in the lower Selkirk Mountain ecostystems and Priest Lake Watershed. 

50 Main St, Priest River, ID 83856, USA